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Why ILIFE V7s Plus Arouses so Many Doubts
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / August 30, 2021
Have you ever googled ILFE V7s Plus? if yes, you must have some doubts like the vast majority of netizens who may be interested in this robot vacuum cleaner.
Classics live on forever. Although the V7s Plus debuted in 2019, it still catches consumers’ eyes. Here is some general introduction about ILIFE V7s Plus, hope you clean your mind!


Exploded View



I bet there is no more another robot suit most of the girls’ taste. After all, who can resist the lure of a tiny rose-gold-like gadget? A round-shaped design with a suitable dimension-- 340x340x84mm makes it more a gracious dressing than a robot cleaner. in addition, there is a small LED indicator in the lid showing the battery level by color difference.

Cleaning Modes

ILIFE V7s Plus uses totally 4 cleaning modes, you can select any of them according to different needs.
Auto cleaning mode: The Robot will clean a room automatically and adjust its cleaning direction according to the room situation
Spot cleaning mode: The robot will circle around in a specific area constantly until the job is done.
Edging cleaning mode: The robot will specialize in corners and edges in this mode, which helps remove stubborn debris most cleaners on the market fail to do.
Scheduling mode: the robot will leave the dock and start its work according to the scheduled time. It is definitely a better choice for some 996.

0.3L Capacity

V7s Plus is equipped with both a dustbin and a water tank of the same 0.3L capacity, larger than its counterparts launched at the same time. Since the tank is intelligently controlled by an air pump, the robot will stop spraying water to prevent damage to the floor while suspending, stopping, and stuck.

V7s VS V7s Plus


Since ILIFE started at V1, it has made a lot of efforts towards V7, including this V7s Plus. From a closer view, V7s and V7s Plus will be found many similarities, like appearance design and cleaning mode application. However, like the difference between their names, there is also a small difference in performance. Or more exactly speaking, a Plus is better than a normal from my own point of view.

2-in-1 --Vacuuming and Mopping

A good design for the robot is not only vacuums but also mops, providing a deeper cleaning effect. Besides, its dependent stand and mopping function makes it a better water stain removal effect.

Brief Summary
A brief introduction may help you understand more about V7s Plus, but cannot make decisions for you. After all, our original purpose is to answer these questions above.
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