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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Smart Panoramic Navigation & Route Planning

Marrying leading-edge technology with sophisticated aesthetics

Navigated cleaning

The groundbreaking PanoView navigation enables A8 to clean methodically,
deeply and thoroughly in less time.

Panoview navigation: clean with a vision

The groundbreaking PanoView navigation system works out an accurate map while directing
A8 to clean a large space without missing or repeating any areas.

360° vision camera

Using a live-vision camera to scan the rooms and create a panoramic vision on its surroundings, A8 computes its own systematic cleaning pattern to avoid redoing or skipping any areas.


Three processors for fast data

The three built-in high-performance processors
facilitate high-speed map data processing for
route planning.

Fast and accurate planning with
upgraded graphics algorithm

The advanced CV-SLAM graphics algorithm helps
A8 to map the floors even faster and more


Auto-charge and resume

The robot remembers its position and the planned
route after the self-charging. It resumes cleaning
with the original coordinates generated by the
PanoView navigation system.

CyclonePower cleaning system

With the Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system, A8 cleans thoroughly with side brushes, 
rolling brush and powerful suction in a single operation.

Search corners 

The dirt and debris at corners and edges
gathered effectively by side brushes.


Roll up debris

The main brush rolls up debris on floors
and carpets.

Suck dust and dirt

The robot's powerful suction vacuum dirt into
the dustbin.


Automatic docks and charges

The robot will automatically go back to its home base to charge when battery runs low.

i-Voice assistance

The intelligent i-Voice technology tells you what A8 is doing or if it requires attention.

Max cleaning will
start soon

Auto cleaning will
start soon

System is starting up,
please wait

Enhanced cleaning effectiveness

The Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system ensures A8 to clean efficiently.

Versatile brushes

A8 is equipped with two alternative brushes.


Bristle Brush

The deep cleaning bristle brush is a powerful
tool for dirt pickup and carpet cleaning.


Rubber Brush

The rubber brush works best on hard floors and
pet hair without tangling.

High-performance filter

The high-performance filter captures dust and mites and retain them in the dustbin. It also
enables A8 to release fresh air to refresh your home.

Multiple cleaning modes


Automatic cleaning


Higher suction level


Corner and edge cleaning


Designated area cleaning

Great stabilization

The extra-large RoadRover wheels stabilize A8 as it moves across different surfaces and avoids obstacles.

Response to its surroundings

The robot continuously scans its surroundings so it won’t bump into furniture or toys, or tumble down steps.

Simplistic and sleek design

The simplistic black glass top cover makes A8 a sophisticated home decor in itself.

Essential simplicity

You won’t find unnecessary buttons and openings on A8 – there’s only an AUTO button on the
top cover to satisfy your visual and functional needs.

Lasting sophistication

The seamless and durable glass top cover makes A8 a sophisticated home decor in itself. The special
coating allows you to wipe smudges and fingerprints off easily.

The art of color

Complemented by a matching black base, the glass top cover is finished in piano black which
is precisely engineered to achieve a deep dark tone and opacity.

Pop-out dustbin

Just one press on the top cover, the dustbin
will gently pop out, preventing dust from
lodging in the dustbin slot and recirculating
into the air when emptying.

Reach wherever needs to be cleaned

At just 72mm thick, the robot reaches and catches dust and dirt in hard-to-reach areas.


Panoramic Navigation
Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system
High-performance Filter

Product Dimension: 310*310*72mm
Net weight: 2.75kg
Gross weight: 5.2Kg
Color: Black
Dustbin capacity: 0.3L
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Auto Charging / Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto, Spot, Edge, MAX
Charging time: <300min
Cleaning time: up to 90min
Body button type: Mechanical Button
Battery specifications: Lithium ion 2600mAh
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤12
Applicable ground: Tile, wood floor, carpet
Power: 100-240VAC  50/60HZ  22W
Working voltage(V):14.4 


Visual navigation

(Start or Pause)

Push button
on dustbin

Push button
on dustbin

Cliff sensors

Charging pin

Battery Lid

Side wheels

Power switch

Nose wheel

Side brushes

Main brush



1 Charging Home Base

1 Remote Controller

1 Adapter

1 Cleaning Tool

1 User Manual

2 Extra Side Brushes

1 High-performance Filter

1 Extra Main Brush