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How to choose an ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner ?
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / July 12, 2021

 How to choose an ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner?(A series) 


Having trouble to know the difference between ILIFE robot vacuum cleaners? Let this introduction help.
In the past few years, ILIFE has launched a variety of robot vacuum cleaners with different prices and different functions to help you complete the tedious work of cleaning the floor. Whether your floor is tile, carpet or hardwood, or you are a pet family, there is a robot vacuum cleaner that can meet your needs. Today's robot vacuum cleaners are full of convenient features that can make it easy for you to keep your house clean.
We have compiled the following guidelines for those who are not sure about the difference between ILIFE models. If you just want to see a short summary, you can find it below.

What's the difference between A series?

In short, the A series products all use roller brushes, which are suitable for deep cleaning of carpets. 

ILIFE A series robot vacumm product parameter comparison ( S usually represents mopping version of the machine)

Model A4s A4s Pro A80 Max A9 A9s A10
High efficiency filter
Cellular dustbin    
Water tank          
Carpet boost      
Gyro planning    
Camera navigation        
Laser navigation          
Roll brush        
Floating roll brush    
Electronic wall (physical)      
Electronic wall (virtual)          
Double side brush
Alexa assistant      
Google assistant          
App control    

Some tips for buying an ILIFE robot vacuum
Reviewing your house first before buying a vacuum cleaner. 


Is it tile, hardwood or carpet? How thick is your carpet? Do you have pets? Is there a hair problem? These factors will affect your choice of robot vacuum cleaners.

Do you want an app control robot vacuum? 


Most of the currently launched robot vacuums are equipped with a dedicated app, through which you can control and schedule cleaning tasks more easily.

Do you want robots to clean more accurately?


Low-end models are cleaned randomly and will bounce slightly when they hit a wall or furniture. Mid-range and high-end robot vacuum cleaners are equipped with navigation systems to achieve planned cleaning.

Check your budget.

The prices of robot vacuum cleaners vary greatly. You can spend less than US$200 or more than US$500. ILIFE recommends that you choose a higher-priced robot as much as possible within your budget to get more functions.

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