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09/06/2021 Official News
ILIFE Floor Washing Machine Shinebot W455 is Now Available in Europe
ILIFE W455 finally debut on AliExpress today with an initial price of $199. This price only lasts 4 days from 9/6~9/9.
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01/15/2020 Official News
ILIFE announces 3 new robotic vacuums at CES
ILIFE, a world-leading robot vacuum manufacturer, presents three new models at CES 2020 in Las Vegas today. These models include “A10” vacuuming and mopping robot with laser navigation; “V9” vacuum robot with superior suction power; and the upgraded “Shin
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04/13/2018 Media Reports
Six Life Hacks For Pet Owners
How to deal with pets messes? Here are 6 tips for you to get rid of it.
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01/10/2018 Media Reports
ILIFE V80: the new smart vacuum cleaner robot with space measurement
V80, a new robotic vacuum cleaner of ILIFE, comes with intelligent planning of the cleaning procedures by space measurement and many other features.
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